“Just like your fingerprint, your health story is unique”

Passionate, professional and just a little cheeky, Sonia thrives on supporting people to achieve their health goals. Sonia works collaboratively with other health professionals and believes strongly in ensuring her clients feel they are in control.​

Nutritional medicine is about more than food.  A clinical nutritionist goes beyond population-level advice and focuses in on you as an individual. 

Age, genetics, gender, lifestyle and disease combine to create a blueprint that’s unique to you.  Your blueprint determines your individual nutritional requirements. Nutritional medicine delivers practical solutions to help you achieve optimal health, performance and wellbeing.

A nutritionist can uncover the underlying biochemical reason for your health complaints.  Once you know the cause for your symptoms you can begin to understand how your body is interacting with food,  nutrients, and your environment.

View current and pasts events. Sonia is a fun and engaging facilitator, whose passion for health and food are palpable.

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