Services offered

Initial Consultation

1 hour (plus 15 mins)


An individualized comprehensive health check and case history. The goal of the consultation is to fully understand the patient's current health needs by gathering as much information as possible to formulate a treatment plan.

This consultation may include clinical examinations, nutritional diagnostic techniques and functional pathology testing.

The initial consultation includes a 15-minute follow up to clearly explain your personalised treatment plan, and to provide any further support necessary.

Meal planning

Meal plan pricing varies depending on dietary complexity and the number of days included in the plan.

As a guide, they are usually between $60 and $80

Initial plus 2 return consults



Highly recommended 3-consultation package. Ideally suited to treatment plans which are designed for a minimum of 3 months treatment and follow up health checks. This package can be arranged when paying for an initial consult.​

Return consultation/ review

40 mins


A follow up to an initial consultation where functional pathology test results may be discussed and progress of a current treatment plan can be monitored.​

Extended Review

55 min


If your follow up appointment is more than 3 months after the initial consultation you will need to book and extended review. So much can change in three months.

Discovery session

10 mins


Book a time to sit down with me and find out if we are a good fit and also how nutritional medicine can support your health goals.