The following information discusses the benefits of these supplement packs and how to access them.


Practitioner quality supplements require a well-check consultation for safety reasons. Which means you get to ask me questions and I ensure these products a suitable for you.

For just $10 you receive a 10min well-check at a time convenient to you, over the phone.  Plus access to online supplement ordering.

What could be easier, no need to leave the house, actually you dont even need to get out of bed :-)


The immune pack is designed to support your immune system, supplementing with these products could reduce the frequency and duration of virual infections commonly seen during winter, while improve your general health and well being.


The stress pack is designed to support your nervous system, improving sleep, jumpy legs, mood swings and energy levels.


Combination Stress and Immunity. 

This pack is suited to people who are feeling run down and overwhelmed. Support your immune response and resilience while improving your energy levels, concentration and quality of sleep.


Why choose practitioner quality supplements?


They do not contain nasty excipients such as binders and extenders, which I might add, do not have to be disclosed on pharmaceutical and supplement labels.


The amount, and form of the active ingredient is effective. This means the nutrients are in a form that your body can easily access, and that there is enough nutrients in each dose to have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. summary, they actually work!

When you invest in your health, make sure your money is going to work for you.

Practitioner supplements are potent and care must be taken when prescribing, so when you make your $10 commitment to ordering one of these packs, you will automatically receive an email asking you to book a time for your 10 min well-check. 

Your well-check phone call allows me to ensure the safety and efficacy of our work together. I will check on any medication & supplements you may be currently taking, and we will also discuss any health concerns and expectations you may have relating to these packs.

What to do next, simply commit your interest by spending $10, (which covers the cost of your well-check) you will then receive an email. This email will explain how to book your Well-check, and the flexible ordering options I have available for the supplements.

I will also include a copy of the PDF supplement table shown in the images for your convenience.  

I promise it is a super simple process, that is easy to tailor to your specific requirements.

Just pay $10 today and I will do all the hard work for you xx

Supplement packs for stress and immune support


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