This nutrition pack is amazing value for money!  

Imagine having a Personal Chef and a Nutritionist create a delicious stack of recipes designed to improve sleep, immune resilience and mood.... 

Well here is it!


* 15 + recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and some bonus snacks! 

* All of your recipes organized into an easy to use meal planner!

* All recipes developed by a Chef and Nutritionist

* A shopping list to ensure you have everything you need to get started.

* A complete plan to ensure your family has access to the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy immune system and a balanced stress response.

Along with this download you are also encouraged to contact me directly via email or facebook to ensure all your questions are answered.

All of the recipes in this pack have been specifically designed to taste great, be easy to manage in a busy home, and focus on the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients required for optimal immune function and a healthy stress response.

Implementing these recipes into your repertoire could improve your family's sleep, mood and immune resilience.

Got more questions please reach out, I am always happy to help where I can.



Delicious Immune Support recipe pack.

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