Left overs!

Isn't it great when there is enough food left over for dinner tomorrow.

Every time you cook too much you are essentially organising yourself a night off. So my advise is to always cook too much. Make a double batch of bolognaise sauce, cook twice as much curry, roast double the vegetables, put an extra chook in the oven.

Now the trick is to hide the rest of the batch or to task someone else to organise cut fruit and yoghurt for after dinner to ensure your hard work isn't all eaten in one go lol.

Here is a quick list of meals you can cook and freeze, or cook and use up tomorrow.

  1. Soup

  2. Savoury mince

  3. Taco mince

  4. Chicken casserole

  5. Lasagna

  6. Lamb curry

  7. Lentil stew

  8. Roast meat

  9. Potato mash

  10. What do you always make more of?

Do you get stuck knowing what to do with left overs? I am always available to answer that kind of question, actually I love a good challenge so pop on over to my social media pages or flick through an email and find out how one meal can become two or even three nights off xx

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