Our Magnesium products are sustainably harvested from a unique, natural, ancient salt lake in the Western Australia desert.

Naturally and federally protected from modern-day environmental pollutants.


A true environmentally sound choice for your kitchen.

No micro plastics.

No fillers or additives.

Low carbon footprint.




Harvested with nature. 

As the seasons' cycle passed the salt is brought to the surface from deep inside the earth.

The annual rains draw the salt up through the earth's crust, and as the rains pass the sun burns brightly over the lake, evaporating the water to reveal a pure, clean layer of salt crystals ready for collection.

The moisture that comes off the salt lake is high in magnesium, this liquid is then evaporated and concentrated using only the sun, to produce a concentrated magnesium liquid (bitterns).

How did the minerals get there? 

Lake Deborah is an entirely natural and ancient salt lake in WA.

Over millions of years, minerals from the sea were carried inland by the wind and deposited on the landscape. The historical water ways in this region included the Avon River. Historically this river would flush the deposited minerals back to the Indian Ocean as part of the natural weather cycle.

Approximately one million years ago, the flow of the Avon in this area altered, and instead of being returned to the sea, the ancient minerals were trapped in what is today known as Lake Deborah.

Due to the unique origin of this mineral deposit, Lake Deborah is a source of ancient sea minerals, completely free from modern pollution. It is unlike anything else.

This delicate ecosystem is protected as a federal salt sanctuary, and the salt harvest from this area has been managed by a proud Australian family for three generations, you can rest assured that the quality and purity of the magnesium and salt products from Lake Deborah will remain just that.